Volunteers Honored

from Winter 2008 ACHS Newsletter

Approximately 50 people gathered for a wonderful potluck dinner and to honor and thank ACHS Volunteers.  Over 5400 hours were given to the historical society in 2007. According to the independent sector the dollar value of volunteer time is $18.77 per hour for a grand total of $101,358.00 Norm Bauer, Annette James and Gail Robinson were honored for their individual commitments of over 500 hours each, some of them close to 1000 – WOW!

We want to thank everyone who has contributed their time and energy to help make ACHS grow better each year.

500+ Hours

Norm Bauer
Annette James
Gail Robinson

100+ Hours

Terry Blackwell
Ethel Combs
Laude Hill
Roberta Hutton
Ellen McCloskey
Sandy Nelson
Irene Westwood
Karen Young
Florence Zwicker

50+ Hours

Jack Bentley
Jennie Brown
Jon Harris
PGE Volunteers
Bob Hurst
Eva Nuffer
Nancy Trivitt
Jessie Turner
Merry Webb
Bill Wettstein

25+ Hours

Faye Frei
Terry Garrison
Nancy Hammond
Richard Hammond
Diana Hasz
Marilyn Hurlbert
Elaine Ihle
Ann Keddie
Helen Kraus
Marge McDevitt
Dan McDevitt
Mary Ann Moore
Loraine Nevill
Judy Stritzke
Ginger Swift
Ron Walker
Roger Young
Kim Young