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Aurora Colony descendant Norman Bachert best represents the kind of excitement that takes place when truly interested family members discover our museum collection.

Norman Bachert’s Story

In 1981, having heard for years from his mother that the Bachert’s had played some role in the Aurora Colony, the recently retired man made his first visit to Aurora. He related this experience in a February 1985 letter:

“My return to Aurora, Oregon was prompted by my mother who believed that my great grandfather on my father’s side came over the Oregon Trail and homesteaded in Aurora. On our visit to Aurora we stopped at City Hall and they directed us to the museum. A tour was just starting so we joined in. As the tour progressed, I thought, ‘wouldn’t it be great if my great-grandfather had been part of this Colony but I just figured that was too much to ask. When the tour ended, I went to Mark Peterson, Curator, who conducted the tour and told him I was trying to locate some history. He asked my name and said ‘let’s go upstairs and look in the files’. As he pulled a brown envelope from the cabinet he said, ‘this is an alphabetical list of all of the members’ At the top of the list was my Great-Grandfather Michael Bachert. To say the least it was really exciting. I had to run to the car and tell my Mom who at that time was pushing ninety years of age.”

Bachert then began serious research into his family history and continued contributing information, photographs and even artifacts to the museum collection till he died in the mid-1990’s.

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