Special Walnut Spinning Wheel

There's a lovely family yarn behind this black walnut spinning wheel.

by Susan W. Clark, Special to The Oregonian

Family history permeates Mary Ann Moore’s spinning wheel, but the wheel is no antique. A craftsman built it for her in 2005 as the final step in a story that reaches back nearly 40 years.

Moore remembers her in-laws’ home on the edge of Cottage Grove and a large black walnut tree growing between the sidewalk and the street. It was more than three feet in diameter, and in the 1970s the tree roots began to lift the sidewalk. City officials said it had to go.


National Award for Music

Aurora historical music project receives national award

Originally published in The Canby Herald on June 18, 2008

The Oregon Music Project, a project of the Aurora Colony Historical Society, has been named the recipient of a national award.

The Award of Merit was given by the American Association for State and Local History, an affiliate of the American Historical Association, for the high quality of its conservation work involved in the project.

The Oregon Music Project focused on conserving mid-19th century music composed and played by Aurora Colony members. The handwritten band playbooks were digitized and are being made available to Oregon schools in time for Oregon’s sesquicentennial celebrations in 2009.


A Roar for Aurora

Annual Colony Days draws big crowd

By Jayna Noley of The Canby Herald
Originally published August 17, 2005

Aurora Colony Days drew crowds of visitors town ready to watch a parade, shop and re-open a museum at the annual event.
The parade was longer this year, and had three musical acts. Mayor Bill Carr walked the route, shaking hands with parade goers.
People had lined the route early, staking out the best spots in the shade.

Brightly decorated floats passed and other marched, waving and tossing candy to children. One float’s riders were armed with water guns, and gleefully squirted the crowd.
Before the parade, shoppers and browsers had cruised through the myriad of antiques booths offering anything from furniture to quilts to antique pottery. Local shops were also open, and enjoyed a steady crowd of shoppers.