Learning at the Aurora Colony Museum

Educational Opportunities at Aurora

The Aurora Colony Historical Society provides many varied opportunities for learning about the Aurora Colony through exhibits and events each year at it’s museum complex.

School Field Trips

The Old Aurora Colony Museum is an excellent choice for your classroom trip.  Your students will learn about life in the Aurora Colony and its unique role in Oregon history.

Farm & Village Programs

Each Spring 4th grade students have the opportunity to learn about colony life through the Aurora Village Program and the Stauffer-Will Farm Program. Regular school tours for all age levels are also available at the Old Aurora Colony Museum.

Educational Resources

Resources are available for teachers and students wanting to learn more about the Aurora Colony or to enhance your visit to the museum or Stauffer Will Farm.

Service Learning

Do you need community service hours or a service learning experience for your class?  Consider donating your time to help at one of our historic sites.


The Aurora Colonists were best known by nineteenth century Oregonians for their music. 

The Aurora band often took first prize in brass band competitions, and they were much in demand for fairs, political rallies, and ceremonial functions.